This year for Lent, we’re getting up close and personal with the passion  story and imagining where we fit into the narrative through a curated exploration of artistic expression through the ages. The historical events of Holy Week happened almost 2,000 years ago, but the gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days on earth become fresh and real when we picture ourselves in the time and place where the events took place. 


Sermon Series

Ash Wednesday, February 26th

7:00 pm in the Sanctuary

Psalm 51:10-15 NRSV

Sunday, March 1

"The Parade: Risking Reputation"

Matthew 21:1-11 NRSV Zechariah 9:9-10 NRSV

Sunday, March 8

"The Temple: Risking Righteous Anger"

John 2:13-21 NRSV Psalm 69:8-16 NRSV

Sunday, March 15

"The Teaching: Risking Challenge"

Matthew 22:15-22, NRSV Matthew 4:1-11, NRSV

Sunday March 22

"The First Dinner: Risking Rejection"

Mark 14:3-7 NRSV, Psalm 23 CEB

Sunday March 29

"The Last Supper: Risking Loss of Friends"

John 13:3-16 NRSV Luke 4:16-21 NRSV

Palm Sunday, April 5

"The Garden: Risking Temptation"

Mark 14:32-36 NRSV Ephesians 6:11-17 CEB

Holy Thursday, April 9

7:00pm in the Sanctuary

"Last Supper: In Remembrance of Me"

Mark 14:32-36 NRSV Ephesians 6:11-17 CEB

Good Friday, April 10

7:00pm in the Sanctuary