Our classrooms are safe, respectful, and inclusive environments for children, where they can learn and grow at their own pace. What sets us apart from other centers is our low ratios, developmentally appropriate activities and continuity of care for your child through the use of care groups.. All of our teachers know all of the children and it is more of a family feel here at UUMCDC. We also value diversity and welcome families and people from all walks of life with the hope of inspiring understanding and tolerance across all ages and abilities.

  • Monkeys

    Our infant room is a quiet, nurturing environment, where infants can eat sleep and explore on their own schedule and learn the feelings of trust, security and attachment. This room utilizes the principals of the RIE philosophy, and respects the child as a capable, confident being. Monkeys are 6 weeks to 12months. The child to teacher ratio is 4.1.

  • Hippos

    We provide a room of fun and challenges, where children develop autonomy, self-help, social-emotional and language skills in an accepting environment. Hippos are 12 month to 24 month old. The child to teacher ratio is 5.1.

  • Lions

    Busy and exuberant, toddlers can become actively involved in focused play within an environment designed for children to make appropriate choices. Lions are 2 years old to 3 years old. The child to teacher ratio is 6.1

  • Giraffes

    Three year olds are introduced to the concepts and foundations of later learning while developing relationships and negotiation skills necessary for social competency.  The child to teacher ratio is 8.1

  • Elephants

    Four and five year olds are encouraged to discover and explore as they construct their own knowledge through continued exposure to the concepts of early literacy, math and science, using Nevada Pre-K standards. The child to teacher ratio is 9.1

  • Jaguars

    Operates during CCSD's spring, summer and winter breaks. School age children up to 12 years old enjoy open ended art projects, community service projects and weekly field trips to the library, movies and community pools. We focus on the children's interests and our teachers provide an experience that outshines other summer camps in the valley. The child to teacher ratio is 12.1