Oasis Campus Ministry

We exist as the only progressively based Christian organization on campus, are inclusive of all persons, and believe that we are better together when we celebrate our diversity. Don’t assume that the words “progressive” and “Christian“ don’t mix. In fact, they do! And when lived out authentically, a progressive Christian faith, is truly life giving. We mostly meet on Wednesday evenings. In our time together we share a meal, (provided by church volunteers), deepen friendships, make new connections, talk about anything under the sun that interests us. We spend time doing simple things to help others in the community. There are opportunities to explore a range of “peace making practices,” like centering stations, hiking, and serving during a winter break trip to help immigrants in Arizona. Our vision is simply to create space for celebrating the good in this world. That means the possibilities are endless, and we get to decide from week to week and semester to semester, what we want to focus on.