BLACK LIVES MATTER! is an obvious truth in light of God's love for ALL God’s children and yet this has not been the experience for many in our country. George Floyd’s death was a shocking reminder of the racism that continues to plague our society. It sparked massive demonstrations both in person and virtually in the US and around the world, as people have called for an end to racism and for true autonomy to be established. When Black lives are systemically devalued, our outrage justifiably insists that our attention be focused specifically on Black lives.

BLACK LIVES MATTER!  We at University Church know it is our responsibility as followers of Christ to stand up against injustice and take action to be the change in our local community. It’s important for all of us to take part in the discussions, self-reflection, and rebuilding trust necessary to fully express the love of Jesus to one another equally. Through these actions, our church can become a place that better reflects the equanimity, unity, and justice in the teachings of Christ.

This sentiment is echoed by our Bishop Bob Hoshibata, who shared these thoughts; 

“In the wake of unwarranted violence against Black people, harm even unto death has shocked us into understanding too graphically and too late, that in our nation, Black lives have not mattered to many persons.

And appropriately, many of us who have been quietly observing the discrimination, violence, and death on the streets of many of our cities and towns, are waking up to the reality that Black communities have known too well and have lived with too long. Some of our challenge has been to confront racism and prejudice in ourselves and to listen and learn about what systemic oppression has done to diminish all of us.”

This work starts with us examining our own biases and taking opportunities to learn. Simple ways to start this process would be to CLICK HERE for more information from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture and to read “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. When we as a church proclaim BLACK LIVES MATTER! we choose to reject any acts of race supremacy or unchecked privilege. By insisting on the fundamental worth of all human beings, we can love freely in a world of equality.

We live this out by publicly saying #BLACKLIVESMATTER!