Our Core Values

We Embrace Diversity

We are a welcoming congregation. We welcome all people regardless of age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, ability or employment into the full life of this congregation. We like that we're all different as it challenges us to lose assumptions and to love each other as unique human beings created in the likeness of God.

*We are a Reconciling Church. For more info click here.

Asking Questions and Being a Life-long Learners

We are okay with doubt; we want to learn & grow together in wisdom. We will not put others down for saying what they think or believe. We commit to learning so that we may discover new potential God places within each and every one of us.

Biblically Committed while Being Open-minded

We take the Bible seriously, joyfully and as a foundational source of truth. We do not take single verses of the Bible out of context to defend our positions. We read our Bibles and pray that Christ will speak through them to help us: understand the struggle of humanity, accept the unconditional love of God, learn from our mistakes, and grow on the path to holiness.

We Care About Children

We care about children in worship, children in church, children in our neighborhoods, and children across the world whom we’ve never met. We care about their safety, that they may learn about the love of Jesus and that they may grow to be productive with the gifts God has given them to help others in the world.

We are Respectful and Forgive

With this much diversity and these many questions, eventually we will disagree, we will debate, we will conflict, but we do so while listening with love, honesty, and respect. We don't all agree, but being a church family in Christ is worth more than being right. Then, when we conflict, let us forgive one another, releasing guilt and bitterness so that we may heal through Christ's love.

We Serve Something Bigger than Us

We serve a greater community. There is more to church than just what happens inside of our buildings. We are drawn beyond our walls to help transform our neighborhoods and the UNLV community with hope, faith and love. This is not just charity for others, but to be in service with neighbors and develop leadership skills together. We invite new persons into our church community and welcome growth and change beyond what we currently are.

God isn't Done with Us Yet

We're not perfect. We make mistakes and we have a lot of growing to do, things to learn, work to accomplish, people to meet, places to help and so on. Nonetheless, we believe the Holy Spirit draws us through forgiveness and toward the glory of God, and we hope others will join us on that journey.