Mission and Justice

The truth is, every time you did this for the least of my sisters or brothers, 

you did it to me.

Matthew 25.40

  • All Church Lenten Challenge

              Fill a Treasure Bag by Sharing God's Bounty

    During the season of Lent we are invited to create meaningful disciplines often to let go or give up something to create more time and space for God.

    This Lent, I am inviting each one of us to a discipline of de-cluttering in order to clear space in our lives for God and in order to serve those in need of clothing in our community.

    For each of the 40 days of Lent you are invited to prayerfully find an item of clothing that needs to move out of your life and your closet (or dresser/storage area) and place it in the bag provided to you.

    As you open up space in your closet - see how you might invite God into those clearer spaces as we journey together through this Holy Season.

    We will ask you to bring your items to the church between April 1st and April 8th. They will be donated to the Society of St. Stephen which is a ministry of our Sister Church Trinity United Methodist.

    We are blessed with so much and so many around us have so little. I hope your Discipline of Letting Go will be fruitful in many ways.

    Abundant Blessings of Joy!

    Rev. Terri

  • Palos Verdes Ministry

    This outreach came about to help a specific neighborhood know that they are loved and cared for by others.  We play games, share a short Bible story, music, and crafts.  It takes on average five (5) volunteers a week to make this ministry a success.  We are always in need of juice box donations.  Your donation can be brought to the church office.  If you are interested in helping contact the church office 702.733.7155 or by email.

  • Hats and Hands

    This ministry is to help create hand knitted or loomed scarves, gloves, and hats for the homeless of Las Vegas.  It may seem strange to worry about the cold in the middle of the desert but weather can be harsh during the winter months.   The main venue for passing out the items made at UNIVERSITYCHURCH as well as other churches in the city is Project Homeless Connect.  The first and third Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am are when folks gather here to work on their projects.  No prior experience required.