Our theme for Lent is “Again & Again.” Lent reminds us that again and again, suffering and brokenness are a part of life. We doubt again, we try again, and we mess up again. Again and again, the story of Jesus on the cross repeats itself; every time, lives are taken unjustly; every time, the powerful choose corruption and violence; and every time, individuals forget how to love. Again and again, God breaks forth, breaking the cycle and offering us a new way forward. “Again & Again” will provide a clear invitation when much is unclear, as we gather in community, choosing again and again to be in relationship with each other and God. During the 46 days of Lent, again and again, we will be shaped and transformed as disciples of Christ. Again and again, we will come and trust that God will meet us where we are and love us unconditionally, again and again. 

Sunday, February 18

"God Meets Us"

Mark 1:9-14

Sunday, February 25

"We Are Called to Listen"

Mark 8:31-9:8

Sunday, March 3

"God Shows Us the Way"

John 2:13-22

Sunday, March 10

"God Loves First"

John 3:14-21

Sunday, March 17

"We are Reformed"

John 12:20-33

Sunday, March 24

"We Draw on Courage"

John 12:1-19